It's a big part of my life. Wheather I'm studying, getting ready for a sports game, or just chilling, there will always be (geuss what) food. For the most part I eat pretty clean, a habbit that started at home from a young age. I love green tea and lemon water on my chill days while I jam out, because it makes me feel clean on the inside if that makes sense. Green tea is amazing if your studying, it will calm you down and keep you focused. But While i'm not studying or having a social life, chances are i'm playing netball. This means early starts, which means alot of up & go boxes, bananas and other energy foods . During this time of the year I'm allowed more cheat meals than when i'm in the off season, as i'm more active. *Tip, the first step to weight loss is to reduce your portion sizes and the types of food you eat. But anyways, I still love my junk food. With some of my favourites such as, nana's madeira cake, a good ol' chocolate bar and my no.1, cheeeeessecake! On my links page are the links to my favourite restaurants and recipies (take a look).